Twitter Trends

October 5, 2009

Twitter has become so popular that this media trend has developed its own set of trends.

Twitter, which was created for the use of social networking is being used by celebrities and athletes as a way to self-promote and reach out to their fans. Through tweeting, celebrities can allow their fans the opportunity to get to know them as people and stay updated on events and important promotions. While there are many fake celebrity Twitter pages, the blog and website entitled ‘Valebrity’ was created to verify which¬†pages are the real thing. ¬†

Brand names and companies are now using Twitter to self-promote as well. Companies such as Starbuks have created Twitter pages to communicate with their customers, get their opinions, and remind them about promotional events. The website entitled Tracking Twitter is useful in finding the pages of all of your favorite brands. Links are provided to directly bring you to the company’s Twitter page!

Twitter has allowed millions of users the opportunity to make network and make new friends. The term TweetUp was invented because groups of people who follow eachother but have never met in person are arranging events where they can meet face to face.

Just as AIM did, Twitter has begun to develop its own slangs in tweets. An example is the use of “w00t” (the o’s are zeros). This is a way of cheering or showing that you are excited about something. Other examples are “RT” meaning reTweet, “OH” meaning overheard, and “HT” meaning heard through.