AD Attack

November 15, 2009

‘AD Attack’: How easily are today’s consumers being persuaded by the advertisements they see in the media? Competing companies within a specific market such as phone service providers often use commercial advertising as a way to sway consumers’ opinions about their competitor’s products.  Recently, Verizon Wireless has used commercial advertisements as a platform for a public attack of the products and services provided by AT&T. These current ‘Ad Attacks’ are proving to be causing damage to the profits of the company being targeted.

Verizon Wireless has attacked AT&T through their ad campaign for their new Google Android smartphone. These advertisements make direct comparisons between the Droid and the Apple iPhone which is exclusively carried by AT&T. One of these commercials lists negative statements about the iPhone using the phrase “iDont” in order to make it clear they are targeting the product without mentioning its name. The tagline “Everything iDon’t…Droid does” is used to persuade one to believe that Verizon’s  product is superior to the one provided by AT&T. Verizon’s most recent commercial consists of an animated version of an iPhone being placed on “the island of misfit toys” in reference to the “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” TV special. The purpose of these ads is to convince consumers that Verizon Wireless has more 3G coverage than AT&T and to suggest that the new Android will eliminate the demand for the iPhone.

AT&T’s exclusive contract with the Apple iPhone has placed the success of the company far beyond that of Verizon, but as a result of advertising attacks against the iPhone, buyer intentions are trending back into Verizon’s favor.


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