Growth of the Mobile Web

September 14, 2009

Mobile devices called “smartphones” are allowing users to enter the world of the internet. As these devices are advancing, their popularity is as well. Examples of these phones are the iPhone and Blackberry. In addition to the smartphone, applications such as Augmented Reality are major causes of the growth in popularity of the Mobile Web. I think the use of the cellphone is becoming a more important tool for accessing the Internet because of its convenience and portability. Leading internet companies such as Yahoo! and Google have been investing time and money into the Mobile Web and computer software companies such as Microsoft are now creating mobile versions of their programs like Microsoft office. Another advance is the “mo: Blog”. This allows bloggers to send and recieve messages to their followers from their mobile phone.

I feel that the time that is being spent on advancing mobile phones may make a whole new medium for news reporting. If they are not already available, I can see news applications being created. I think that a personalized news application would be created providing readers with notifications on their cellphones when an event has taken place. I think that this would be good for keeping the connection between the people and their government and would create a more informed society.


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