Blogs and Chats..LIVE

September 13, 2009

The advancement of having live discussions with other people through the Web with blogs, and chats has helped our nation to stay connected and informed of news as it is taking place. Twitter has recently created a twitcam or a live broadcasting application using video allowing anyone with a Twitter account to notify their followers that they will be broadcasting live on video stream. I think that this may have negative affects for broadcast journalists. With the recent growth of citizen journalism on the internet that has nearly eliminated the use of the newspaper, will the use of citizen broadcasting end the world of professional broadcasting?

Reaching the same amount of popularity as Twitter is and These sited provides viewers with thousands of “channels” streaming live video relating to every story topic and interest. This site also allows celebrities to communicate with their fans through live chatting. I wonder if this website will take over Twitter? This website is almost developing its own platform for reporting and sharing information.

Live blogging has become another way to discuss news. As events take place such as the debates on healthcare reform and the war in Iraq, citizens have been able to discuss their opinions with people from all over the world. I feel that this live chat will keep people interested and informed on what is happening and changing globally.


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